Queen and princess play bass and banjo
Princess & the Prawn

Stinky Ninja is playing guitar in a rocking chair
Oh Windy Day

Sally is dancing and singing with her big band
Piper Sally

Fairies with the soon to be stinky princesss
Stinking Beauty

Three Stinky Friends go for a ride in a car
Tres Amigos Stinky

A Stinky Duck is a Happy Duck
Stinky Duck Blues

A Funky Emu bops to a funky sign
Funky Emu

Disco is groovy man
Jack in Giantland

Little Red is offered flowers by the big bad wolf
Little Red

Lori the Lorikeet has plenty of 1980s imagery including casette tapes and computer games
Lori the Lorikeet

Cried Stinky is full of reggae images
Don't Cry Stinky

In Stinky Locks three pandas dance and sing to a ghetto blaster
Stinky Locks