Toni - Vocals

Toni Randle swinging and singing with her microphone
Toni Randle

Toni Randle performs a sensationally swinging vocal on Stinky Ninja's jazz track Piper Sally. If you love the Pied Piper you will love Piper Sally!

About Toni Randle

Renowned Kiwi songstress and song-writer Toni Randle has spent the last eleven years forging a very successful career in Australasia. A songwriter, performer and arranger of great skill and musicality, Toni Randle is one of Australasia's most highly regarded contemporary vocalists. Her songs are beautifully crafted with attention to detail in both the music and lyrics and her intoxicating voice has a clarity and purity seldom heard in contemporary music. Having received many acolode's for her singing and her compositions there can be no doubt that her musicianship is second to none. In recent years Toni has predominantly concentrated on writing and performing with her band, “The Portraits” with her husband and drummer, Andrew Keegan. Toni and "The Portraits" have performed at some of Sydney and Melbourne’s premiere music venues such as The Northcote Social Club, Manchester Lane and The Wesley Anne to name but a few. They have two self titled EP's. This year she has written for Asia Pacific’s Cartoon Network “Chi Ching!” which is on youtube and has been hugely popular in Asia with two rounds of commissions already. Prior to her recent move to Auckland she taught both jazz and contemporary voice, and lyric writing at The Christchurch Polytechnic and also taught, conducted and arranged for three choral ensembles at St Margaret’s College. During her time as a professional artist, Toni has also been privileged to play and study with some of New Zealand and Australia’s most prominent Jazz and Contemporary artists, such as, Judy Bailey, Mike Nock, Stu Buchanan, Doug Caldwell, Gerard Masters, Brett Hirst, James Muller, Dave Goodman, Paul MacNamara, Sean Wayland, Frank De Sario, Ben Hauptman, Shelley Rosenberg and Bob Sedergreen to name but a few. Toni also has her Masters of Performance Jazz Voice (dist) from the Sydney Conservatorium, her A.T.C.L in Classical voice from Trinity College London (dist), and her M.N.Z.D.A (hons).Find out more about Toni on her website