Stinky Locks

Stinky Locks is a fun filled Stinky Ninja Hip-Hop track paying smelly homage to the classic tale of Goldilocks and the three bears.

Three Pandas Flip Book

Stinky Locks is an instant Hip Hop classic. Funny, fast paced, with a chorus that you can't help but sing along too. Musical fun that is brought to life with a clever and smelly take on the classic Goldilocks story. Stinky Locks features Mighty Ash on vocals, Vashti Sivell programmed loops, played keys and performed backing vocals, and Cayla does some great backing vocals. Written by Adam Sivell, Ishan Cooper, and Vashti Sivell. Mixed by HBRecordings and mastered by Lachlan Carrick

Once upon time in the Forrest you see
There lived three Pandas, count 1 2 3
Muma Panda, Baby Panda, Papa Panda too
Papa liked to make a tune on his Kazoo

(Kazoo solo)

Each morning for breakfast mama cooked chilli
Then they went for a walk, don't burn yer mouth SILLY
While the Pandas were out, along came a Ninja
Who smelt that chilli from through the window


The Ninja snuck in and found 3 bowls
Tried the first but it was stone cold
He snacked on the next, it was to spicy
So he chugged a glass of milk, cold and icy

At last the Ninja ate the smallest bowl
That chilli was fine, not to hot or to cold
But all that chi-lli, began to do somethin’
The Ninja's tummy was pumping & pumping


Now Something funky was starting to brew
That Ninja needed, to find the loo
He spied three toilets, all in a row
Just as his butt started to flow

The first toilet couldn't hold it
It filled in a minute
So he jumped to the next one
And laid down in it

When Number two was full, the Ninja hopped off it
And prayed that the third would be able to stop it


Just then came the sound of a Panda Kazoo
The pandas came home to eat their stew
(kazoo part)

Papa panda said 'some fool been eating my food'
And now that I check it there's a smell that's quite rude
Mama started cursing when she spied her bowl
And Baby Panda said 'mines all gone y'all '


Well it didn't take long, the Pandas followed the stink
They found their toilets full of black ink
Baby Panda saw the Ninja and said 'Yo Bloke'
Stinky Ninja disappeared in a puff of fart smoke