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Pat Powell on Musical Style Adventures

Pat Powell really brought something special to Stinky Ninja's album with super silky smooth performances on Stinky Ninja's blues track Stinky Duck Blues and disco track Jack in Giantland. What a legend!

About Pat Powell

Multi award winner Patou swings with kings and untouchables alike. With a career that spans over four decades and right across the globe, Pat Powell (Patou) is one of Australia’s most accomplished vocal talents. He is the artist that everyone wants to work with.

Having shared a stage with a number of musical giants over the past four decades, Patou has had time to hone the art for commanding attention. His genius as a vocalist is a unique combination of soulful understatement and compelling passion. In charismatic exchanges with his audience he appeals to young and old with his message of joy and social justice. 

The empowering lyrics that fuel Patou’s songs were seeded in him as a young Jamaican man making his way in a troubled 1960s-70s Bristol. Persecuted by the cops on the streets throughout his teens, Patou would find solace in the Jamaican dance tunes played by his folks, and in the RnB clubs that he snuck out of home to DJ in.

From ska to blues. Hip-hop to soul. RnB to reggae. The extraordinary depth of Patou’s musical versatility was crafted over years of touring Europe with a variety of acts during the 70’s. His talent descended on Sydney with great force in the 80s, filling bars and clubs across Australia with his pioneering acts including Caribbe and Club Ska. Always staying true to his Caribbean roots but moving with the new wave of hip hop and electronica, Sydney - and indeed Australia’s touring circuit - didn’t know what had hit it.

By the time the 90’s rolled in, Patou was one of Australia’s most demanded studio artists, recording with the likes of James Freud, Jenny Morris, Lisa Maxwell, Max Q and Margaret Ulrich, to name a few. He continued to record and perform with his own groups Lovetown, Ten Wedge and Neptune St, laying down several singles and continuing to fill music venues across the country. 

Before long, Patou was being picked up to support acts in the league of James Brown, Queen, Eurhythmics, Double O & Velour, Adeva, Sydney Youngblood, Redhead Kingpin, The Beloved, Beats International, Boy George, Crowded House, Horace Andy and Luciano, Tina Arena and George Benson. It was at this time that he joined the touring party of one of Australia’s most successful exports, Kylie Minogue. Pat toured extensively throughout Australia, Asia & Europe as Kylie Minogue’s backing vocalist, including feature solos and acapella duets. 

In his own right Patou has recorded over 15 singles, one album and recorded vocals for more than 14 artists. He has been seen performing in a myriad of films from Mad Max 3 to Whipping Boy and stage productions such as Dealers Choice at the Adelaide Festival Arts Centre. He also continues his commercial voice-over recording work and mentors a vast diversity of artists at various stages in their careers, from high school students to accomplished artists.

“It feels like everything I’ve ever performed, everyone I’ve ever worked with, mentored, looked up to, challenged and been blown away by… It’s all important. It all feeds in. It’s all culminated to this time and I’m ready to give all of it, on stage and in the studio.”

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